Workshop in brief The construction of a high quality expressway complying with functional and structural needs is deemed necessary in the modern world. Key parameters such as surface texture, structural strength and pavement profile are used to measure the quality of a pavement. Doing it right from the beginning during new road construction is crucial and this helps to reduce unnecessary rework and also reduce the tendency of premature failure that increases the maintenance cost unnecessarily. Selection of correct construction methodology during the paving and compaction works by using the appropriate level control system contributes to good riding quality and structural strength for the pavement. The International Roughness Index (IRI) is always used to measure the road profile and riding quality on many roads in Malaysia. Lately, a Three Points Averaging Sonic Sensors namely the Multiplex System has been introduced successfully. In addition, the specific features built in the paving equipment such as the electric heated screed function, autoset memorise function and screed assist function serve as additional features that improve the asphalt surface texture. Besides, it is recognised that compaction process plays a key role in providing good structure strength as well as good surface texture for an asphalt pavement. A typical pneumatic tyre roller and tandem roller serve as the ideal combination in providing the desired compaction. The success elements for the process are weight of equipment, correct rolling process, working window and asphalt temperature. This workshop consists of a half-day class room theoretical session and case studies to elaborate the above scope of discussions followed by a half-day work site demonstration. During the work site demonstration, a good paving process with the relevant equipment and devices such as a string line method and multiplex method will be exhibited. A standard static and dynamic compaction equipment in compliance with the specification will also be employed at this demonstration.
Monday, 8 October 2018 - 1:00pm