YEP Group’s seminar draws overwhelming response

The REAM Young Engineers & Professionals (YEP) Group and Kemaman Bitumen Company (KBC) jointly hosted a one-day seminar entitled Asphalt Pavement Day: What’s Next? on 28 February. Their tireless efforts drew some 250 registrations.


Seminar was declared open by the President, Road Engineering Association of Malaysia (REAM) Datuk Ir. Haji Adanan bin Mohamad Hussain.


Based on the data computed from the questionnaire distributed to all participants, the views were very positive and encouraging. The seminar theme and the topics addressed by the presenters met the participants’ expectations. The participants also gave a list of topics (37 in total) for consideration in the group’s future endeavours. They also suggested including technical visits, organising workshops, formation of technical committees and production of technical publications.


The following speakers presented their papers on a variety of subjects:

  • JKR ATJ 8/85 Manual on Pavement Design Rev. 2013: A Background by Ir. Abdul Mutalif bin Abdul Hameed, Director, JKR Centre of Engineering Excellence & Technology (CREATE)
  • Pavement Works in Malaysia: An Overview by Ir Sufiyan bin Zakaria, Senior Assistant Director, JKR Road Facility Maintenance Branch
  • Keynote address: Pavement Trend in the Region / Paper on Bitumen Pen Grade: An Industrial Opinion by Mr Xavier Guyot, Technical Director, Tipco Asphalt Company Limited,
  • HDM4 for Pavement in Malaysia: What it is? by Encik Suhaimi Abdul Aziz, Senior Manager, OPUS Group Berhad,
  • Premix Production in Malaysia: A Real Deal by Mr. Suresh Kumar Balakrisnan, Managing Director, Segamat Premix Sdn Bhd
  • Pavement Material Testing: The Untold Story by Encik Mohamad Yusman bin Yusuf, Senior Engineer, UEM Edenta Sdn Bhd
  • Pavement Recycling in Malaysia: What’s the latest? by Encik Mohd Yazip Matori, General Manager, IKRAM Lab Sdn Bhd
  • What’s New on Pavement? Evothem Warm Mix by Mr. Chet Arunaykasesm, Chief Executive Officer, Mha Chemicals Sdn Bhd
  • All Weather Thermoplastic: Best Practice by Encik Muhamad Syakir Mahi Din, (3M)
  • Pavement Evaluation: What’s Hot? by Ir. Tan Wei Meng, Manager, IKRAM Pave Sdn Bhd
  • Academic Study: What’s New? by Prof. Dr. Meor Othman bin Hamzah, Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • What’s New on Pavement: Tera Pave by Mr. Dirk Quinten, General Manager, Vertex Central Industries

Inspired by the resounding success of the seminar, the YEP group is working on the following forthcoming events for the year:

  • REAM Bridge & Structure Day (1 day event)
  • REAM Women Road Engineers Day (half day event)
  • REAM Road Safety Day (1 day event)
  • Technical Visit to Senai Desaru Highway
  • Technical Visit to WCE Project in Kuala Selangor

The Brainstorming and Wrap-up Sessions were moderated by the REAM YEP Group Chairman Ir. Hamzah bin Hashim.