Malaysian Road Conference 2014 and PIARC International Seminar end on a high note

The Minister of Works, Malaysia delivering his keynote address.

The biennial Malaysian Road Conference (MRC), currently ninth in series and the PIARC International Seminar on Slopes, Road Foundation Drainage and Stormwater Management held from 10 to 12 November 2014 in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia culminated in a resounding success. This three-day joint event which included a half-day of technical tours, has created a record of sorts in terms of highest number of delegates to date, oral and poster presentations encompassing a wide variety of technical papers and exhibitors, both local and overseas.

This joint event was officially declared open by the Minister of Works, Malaysia the Honourable Dato’ Sri Haji Fadillah bin Haji Yusof.

Carrying a timely theme, Greening Our Roads, the event brought to the fore the rising worldwide concerns and solutions on and to the continuous degradation of the environment resulting in the diminishing of critical habitats and ecosystems that support human life due to the widening network of road infrastructure arteries.

For the first time, the MRC has collaborated with PIARC Technical Committee 4.4: Earthworks and Unpaved Roads (TC 4.4) to host its seminar and meetings in Malaysia. The Chairman of this Committee Mr. Paul Garnica Anguas from Mexico who led a delegation of eight members from eight countries gave an overview on PIARC on the opening day sessions and later delivered a paper on Current Practice in Water Management on Mexican Road Network.

One other first for the MRC was the introduction of the Invention & Innovation Exhibition (MRC – IIE 2014) open to the institutions of higher learning and public and corporate sectors keen on exposing their inventions and innovations. Towards encouraging the culture of research and development, REAM and the Malaysian Highway Authority (MHA) conceptualised this platform by way of an exhibition to bring innovators and the relevant industries together to pave the way for better quality roads in Malaysia. The new inventive and innovative products exhibited were judged by international and national juries for the awards of Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. A grand award for participation in an overseas international exhibition was also presented to the overall winner.